Leather and sheepskin tailoring

Leather and sheepskin sewing and repairing


In our tailor salon, we prepare high quality leather clothing, leather jackets and sheepskin jackets for women and men. You just have to figure out what you want and the best professionals will prepare it. We sew tailor made clothes or prepare them based on a given sample. You can choose from lots of leather and pelt samples, but we also prepare the cloth from the material brought by you. We manufacture all kinds of leather staff from elegant suits to motorcycle leather clothing.

What we prepare: leather dress, leather skirt, leather pants, leather shirt, leather vests, leather shorts, leather corset, leather coat, leather jacket, long leather jacket, leather cushion, simple leather bags, sheepskin vest, sheepskin jacket, motorcycle leather pants, motorcycle leather jacket, leather hunting jacket.

In addition, we do repairing on leather clothing and alteration on leather and sheepskin clothing. We turn your old and wrong sized clothes into perfect ones (it can be a torn dress; you can ask narrowing, folding, extension, sewing hood etc).
Posting abroad can also be solved.

We guarantee our work, please,contact us.